Tax Benefit Information

Your donation to Family Pathways supports local community programs AND helps you save money at tax time.

Follow this link to set up a free, personal account with the TurboTax "It's Deductible" donation tracking worksheet.  After setting this up, you will be able to access a worksheet that lists hundreds of household items, clothing, toys, etc. with an associated value: either medium or high-end value.  These values are based on surveys of thousands of thrift stores nationwide.  You can use it separately (without doing your taxes in TurboTax) or as part of doing your taxes with TurboTax. As you check off items online, the worksheet adds up your charitable deductions and creates a record you can download and print.

*Please note the following Internal Revenue Service rules:  donated items must be considered in good, saleable condition in order to claim a tax deduction.  By law, it is the donor's responsibility to define condition and value.  In order to claim a tax deduction on any item with a value of $500 or more, a professional appraisal is required by the IRS.  TurboTax "It's Deductible" is one way of determining Fair Market Value (FMV) as required by the IRS.  Please refer to Publication 561 at for more information.

Thank for your support of Family Pathways programs.  It means a lot to those we serve.