Our Mission:

To work with communities to develop supportive, caring relationships to help people meet their basic needs.

We do this by:

Helping people identify and build upon their inherent strengths.

Helping people find and use sources of assistance.

Working with other community organizations to strengthen the network of support services.

Helping community members weave a stronger fabric of support for their neighbors.

Coordinating community volunteer resources.

Core Values:

Honor the dignity and potential in every person.

Help people develop the personal relationships and interdependence essential to their well-being.

Continuously improve our effectiveness by learning about the impact of our programs and the changing needs of our communities.

Be creative and resourceful in solving problems.

Strategic Focus - 2015 and Beyond

Priorities and Strategies

  • Meet our Mission.
  • Deepen the relationship with the communities we serve.
  • Focus on our existing geographic footprint.
  • Leverage the assets of the geographic communities we serve and build on Family Pathways’ capabilities.
  • Motivate us to work across programs.