Each Family Pathways program serves as a safety net to the most vulnerable of our neighbors:  families and children who are hungry…victims of domestic violence....youth who need the influence of positive role models…and older adults who are lonely and isolated. We have never turned anyone away who has reached out to us for help. Programs are offered at no cost and that is why we need your support.     


Ways to help:



Donate and Support Family Pathways

Financial Donations

Financial donations can be made online, by mail, or over the phone at 651-674-8040. Please be assured your donations will support your local community. When making your donation, you can have it used where most urgently needed, or designate it to a specific Family Pathways program area. Family Pathways meets the Charities Review Council's highest rating for financial activities, governance, public disclosure, and fundraising. 


Donations to our programs are 100% tax deductible


Volunteer Opportunities

Volunteers are essential to Family Pathways' mission of helping people meet their basic needs.  The organization has many volunteer opportunities, including mentoring a young person, assisting older adults at home and in group activities, assisting at a Food Shelf, helping at a Thrift Store, and helping in our programs to assist victims of domestic violence at the Refuge Network.These are only a few of the many meaningful ways to become involved and give back to your community.  For more information, visit the volunteer opportunities page or call us at 651-674-8040.


Food Donations

Donations of food and personal care/household items can be dropped off at the Family Pathways Food Shelf nearest to you. Monetary donations are very important because we can purchase food from Food Banks which increases the buying power of your donation 4-5 times. 


Suggested food items:  canned foods and boxed foods (such as hamburger helper, tuna helper, beef stew and soup), cereal, peanut butter, jelly, spaghetti sauce, juice, rice, pasta, potatoes, sugar, flour, baking mixes, garden grown vegetables and produce are also welcome. 

Personal items: toilet paper, bar soap, deodorant, toothpaste, shampoo/conditioner. 

Household items:  dish soap, laundry soap and cleaning supplies of all kinds.


Thrift Store Donations

Bring your donations to the thrift store nearest you. It is helpful if donations are sorted into two categories - hard goods (shoes, boots, household goods) and soft goods (clothing, linens, etc). To download a Donation Guide click here.
To learn more about tracking and estimating the value of your donations to the thrift stores, click here.


Project Pajama Pride

The mission of the Pajama Pride project is to provide a personalized bag for each woman and child that seeks emergency shelter at the Refuge Network’s Black Dog Hill Domestic Abuse Shelter. Thank you for your generous gift to the Refuge Network for the Pajama Pride project.  Your support will provide meaningful comfort to women and children as they take their first steps towards safety and a life free from abuse.